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Darin Draper

Darin Draper is a solicitor and certified practising accountant.

He has over 20 years experience in the legal and accountancy professions.

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Turbo Law Offers:

  • Convenient and cost effective – You can provide your preliminary instructions using one of our online Turbo Forms designed to capture your data and preferences in the most efficient and convenient way. We will send you an email with a link to the online form and you can complete and submit the form in your own time. The forms are easy to complete.  Most of your responses will be clicking check boxes. We’ll be on standby if you require assistance with the form or if you need legal advice on a specific issue from an experienced lawyer. Taking your instructions in this way enables cost savings that are passed onto you. If your matter is complex or if you’d prefer to meet then we’ll arrange a meeting by phone, Skype, or face to face, at one of our conveniently located meeting rooms.
  • Responsive – The modern world is fast. Time is money and our clients expect us to be responsive and available.
  • Accessible – We are accessible with extended lawyer availability from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days.
  • DIY un-bundled family law packages –  If your budget is limited then we can prepare your critical documents but leave the administrative and less critical tasks to you. If you can’t afford to pay a lawyer on a full fee for service basis then this package is for you. Of course we can also provide a full service with our fees capped.
  • DIY un bundled deceased estate administration packages – If your budget is limited or if you are inclined to do it your self then our DIY deceased estate administration package is for you.  Experienced lawyers will be on hand for strategic and procedural advice and to assist with the critical steps in the process.
  • Innovative and flexible – We offer business law packages covering all of your business law needs.
  • Flexible payment arrangements – We will consider flexible payment arrangement according to your circumstances and the nature of the matter.

We use technology to benefit you

The practice of law has evolved. Developments in technology have forced lawyers to re-consider the way legal services are produced and delivered.

Cloud computing has enabled lawyers to break free from fixed office locations and networks built around an office server.

We prefer mobility and flexibility in how we engage with our clients and for this reason we don’t lease expensive commercial offices in prime locations. This saves money which is passed onto you through our competitive fees.

We will engage with you by phone, Skype or similar web conferencing, email, smart forms, and other forms of collaboration. Of course a face to face meeting may be necessary or preferred and can be easily arranged at one of numerous conveniently located meeting rooms on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Leveraging technology in this way allows you to avoid unnecessary travel to our office which saves you time and money. It’s also good for the environment!

You can conveniently engage with us online or by phone between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week.

Do it yourself (DIY) packages

We offer a range of “do it yourself (DIY)” legal packages which is a less expensive alternative to retaining a lawyer to represent you at every step of your matter from start to finish.

Do you really want to pay a lawyer an hourly rate to attend to routine, mundane, or administrative matters which you could do yourself? DIY family law is all about dividing the labour so that we do only those tasks considered critical to achieving your desired outcomes.

We can prepare all of your court documents, including initiating applications, responses, affidavits, and any other court document that may be required at any stage. You will go on the court record as a self-represented party and we will remain on standby for ad hoc advice on strategic or procedural matters. Of course we can also appear in court on your behalf if you require.

This means that our retainer is limited to specific tasks in the process rather than the conduct of the whole process on your behalf.

If you prefer, we can also represent you on a full service basis where we take care of every task from start to finish.

Flexible Payment Terms

We will consider flexible payment arrangements in the following practice areas:

  • Family and Relationships
  • Deceased Estate Administration
  • Commercial Litigation

A flexible payment arrangement means any of the following:

  • A deferred payment arrangement in family law matters involving property;
  • A payment plan in family law matters involving children;
  • A deferred payment arrangement in deceased estate administrations;
  • A contingency payment (no win no fee) arrangement in commercial litigation matters.

Send us an enquiry if you would like to talk over a flexible payment arrangement.

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